A Song of Ice and Fire

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A Song of Ice and Fire - Stark VS Lannister - Sterter Set


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Dear traveler, this noble product is in the Polish language. If you are looking for an adventure in English, we also have it - please search in the same category.
However, only cards are language dependent, so you can use miniatures in your games and cards you will find in official CMON app.

The War of the Five Kings begins bloody as the Faithful Swords of the Starks clash with the heavily armed hosts of Lannisters. There are numbers and unwavering loyalty on the side of House Stark, even in the face of waning chances of victory. However, the House Lannister army is a disciplined army, equipped with the best weapons and armor money can buy. It will be a painful test for Leo and Direwolf as loyalty and anger meet cold steel and ruthlessness.

A Song of Ice & Fire: Figure Battle Game is an ambitious strategy game for two or more players. They control the Great Houses of Westeros, commanding armies on the battlefield, recruiting legendary Heroes, and carrying out behind-the-scenes political machinations. All this for the biggest prize: the Iron Throne.

This House Stark and House Lannister introductory kit includes over a hundred amazing, complex figures, ready to play right out of the box!

The kit includes:

  • 14 Accessory Cards
  • 4 Minion Cards
  • 52 Tactic Cards
  • 12 Siege Cards
  • 20 Secret Mission Cards
  • 10 Objective Cards
  • 2 Aid Cards
  • 2 Measuring sticks
  • 138 Cardboard Tokens
  • 1 Tactics Board
  • 10 Black Dice D6
  • 1 White Die D3
  • 9 Trays
  • 55 Lannister Figurines
  • 48 Starks Figures
  • 16 cardboard terrain elements

The models in this set are already assembled and ready to play. Polish version of the game in an English box.

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