A Song of Ice and Fire

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Baratheon Starter Set


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The War of the Five Kings becomes a personal affair of the Baratheon brothers Stannis and Renly, each of whom claims the Iron Throne.
Standard Baratheon military doctrine is to use the thickest armor possible, also for units that should maintain speed on the battlefield.
But "slow" also means "hard to crack" - even Baratheon skirmishers, thanks to their armor, can keep the field of much heavier units.
Both Lady Shyra Errol and Ser Alester Florent try to stay close to the center of events - each working for both sides depending on which wind is currently blowing from.
The time when the Baratheons march to war is a time of bold demands and even bolder actions.

A Song of Ice & Fire: Figure Battle Game brings epic battles, political intrigue, and iconic heroes from George R.R. Martin's best-selling novels straight to your tables.
Detailed, assembled and ready-to-play figures put you in command of the heroes and armies of the Great Houses of Westeros - lead them to the fight for the Iron Throne in exciting and unique game modes! BOX CONTENTS

  • 1 Book of Rules
  • 4 Combat Unit Cards
  • 5 Accessory cards
  • 2 Minion Cards
  • 26 Tactic Cards
  • 12 Siege Cards
  • 20 Mission Cards
  • 10 Objective Cards
  • 1 Help card
  • 1 Castle Walls Card
  • 1 Measure
  • 71 Cardboard Tokens
  • 1 Tactics Board
  • 10 Hexagonal Dice of House Baratheon (d6)
  • 1 White Triangular Bone (d3)
  • 4 Unit Trays
  • 55 Figures
  • 10 Terrain Elements
  • 3 Castle Walls

The models in this set are already assembled and ready to play.

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