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Varamyr Six Skins [PL]


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Dear traveler, this noble product is in the Polish language. If you are looking for an adventure in English, we also have it - please search in the same category.
However, only cards are language dependent, so you can use miniatures in your games and cards you will find in official CMON app.

One of the most powerful Skinchangers beyond the Wall, Varamyr Sixskins can control a snow bear, three wolves, a shadowcat, and an eagle all at once. During battle, he launches a series of coordinated attacks with his beasts while astride the bear's back. Nothing escapes the keen eye of his eagle, just as nothing escapes the patient stalking of his shadowcat. Any attempt to directly attack Varamyr runs the risk of being blown apart. Of course, his pets can be killed, but Varamyr will always find more.

This set includes a large model of Varamyr on a bear with 3 figures of his companions - Wolfpack, Shadowcat and Eagle. In addition to the cards of these units (and the expansion in the case of the Eagle), inside you will also find a special card that allows you to put Varamyr as the commander of your army - along with a deck of tactics dedicated to him.

The box contains:

  • 1 Varamyr model
  • 1 Shadowcat model
  • 1 Model of Varamyr's Eagle
  • 1 Wolfpack model
  • 3 Unit Cards
  • 1 Attachment Card
  • 1 Special Card
  • 6 Tactic Cards

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