A Song of Ice and Fire

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Lysene Sellswords


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Dear traveler, this noble product is in the Polish language. If you are looking for an adventure in English, we also have it - please search in the same category.
However, only cards are language dependent, so you can use miniatures in your games and cards you will find in official CMON app.

The island fortresses of Lys have high, thick walls and plenty of Sellswords patrolling their coast to make them an unappealing target for attack. However, these Sellswords are just that, offering their services to anyone with coffers deep enough to hire them abroad. Not interested in individual glory, they’re only focused on grabbing plunder and the payment waiting for them when they head back to their home port.



  • 12 Sellswords Miniatures
  • Lysene Bosun Miniature
  • 1 Unit Card
  • 1 Attachment Card
  • 1 Movement Tray

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