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Fallout token set is made from 2mm plexiglass with double-sided overprint dedicated to your favorite Post-Apocalipse skirmish wargame.
All tokens are 20 mm in diameter. This set contains 76 tokens:
12x Ready/Used (biohazard)
6x Quick Action/Bonus Yellow dice
6x 1 damage/2 damage
6x Reaction/-2 token
6x +1 armor/used armor
6x bonus green dice/bonus black dice
6x Luck/No luck
5x Critical/2x Critical
5x 3 damage/5 damage
3x Ammo/No Ammo
3x +2 armor/+1 armor
3x Stunned/Slow
3x Frozen/Mine
3x Fire/Poison
2x 2x Luck/Luck
1x Scatter
Tokens are dedicated to help you with marking effects, damage and various things in the game.

Models and terrain shown for scale purpose. They are not part of this set.

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