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X-Wing 2.0 token set is made from 2mm plexiglass with double-sided overprint dedicated to your favorite SCI-FI wargame.

This set contains 87 tokens:


16x Shield/Deactivated Shield
4x Force/Deactivated Force
6x Charge/Deactivated Charge
2x Double Sided Reinforce
9x Double Sided Lock [1-9] (black/White)
8x Focus
8x Evade
5x Calculate
6x Stress
4x Jam
4x Tractor Beam
4x Disarm
2x Cloak
4x Ionize
5x Critical

Tokens are dedicated to help you with marking effects, damage and various things in the game.

Models and terrain shown for scale purpose. They are not part of this set.

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