Gustlick, Lead Driller - Star Scrappers Classic


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Terrons are descendants of the humans that came to this Galaxy a long time ago. During a thousand years, united in the Interstellar Terron Federation, they have colonized many corners of the universe. The democratic system of the Terron civilization has encouraged the creation of of many independent structures, such as corporations, commercial consortia and mercenary guilds. Trough contacts with different alien species their civilization flourished and their influence spread across the Galaxy.At the base of they success lies ambition. Ambition that knows no bounds.This Terron trait drives them ever forward, to conquer new territories, to discover the unknown, to move the frontier of the Federation one step forward. As soon as the news about the discovery of rich Hexis deposits on the Distant Edge came, people went there in search of wealth and adventure. Many representatives of this race appear as individualists who are able to overcome any difficulty to attain their goals. 

1 resin model.

Models supplied unpainted.
Require assembly. 

Designed by Michał Sztuka.
Sculpted by Igor Karpov.

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