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Metanels are very strange machines of all shapes and use. Endowed with artificial intelligence, they appear to have originated from some intergalactic dump site. The true origin of Metanels is still a mystery. The first contact with the robots took place on the edge of the Terron Federation, on the border of the First Worlds – a group of exploited systems abandoned hundreds of years ago, even before the invention of the hyperdrive. Metanels themselves claim that they come from the Hunter’s House, but the maps of the known Galaxy do not show anything of a similar name. This peaceful, mechanical race wanders through space in search of the traces of its mythical creators who have made the Metanels in their own image and then left for the stars. The Metanels firmly believe that the Creators are still alive and waiting somewhere to be found or maybe even need Metanels’ help.

1 resin model.

Models supplied unpainted.
Require assembly. 

Concept by Michał Sztuka.
Sculpted by Robert Kurek.
Painted by Piotr Karpiński.

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