Khadros, Lord of Fury


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Set contains 1 resin model.
Scale: 28-30mm (1:55-1:60)
Weight: 10 g
This product is made of high-quality resin. 
Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.


Khadros was once a great general - a King that marched at the head of a great army of Druikinis. They were men and women clad in brass and golden scale armour, marching under Khadros's banner to war against the hated Drakonids.

He was called 'Slayer of Dragons' and there was no one who could match him in close combat. His patience, steel nerve, and military genius led his army to many great victories and the rise of his kingdom to glory.

But everything must end. With time, his trusted allies, the Great Lords of Drukinii, plotted in secret to overthrow him. At the moment of their betrayal, they killed all whom Khandros loved and mocked him as they forced him to watch. They thought they could break him. They were wrong. Despite the terrible carnage, he stood silent, paying no heed to his tomentors. Like a statue, he stood staring into the pools of blood gathering around him. A terrible fury burned in his heart.

As his last wish and tribute to his mighty deeds, he was granted death by combat in the Ring of Fury, the great arena at the heart of the city of Khadira. Here the mightiest warriors were forged in the brutal crucible of death and blood. On entering the arena he threw away all self-control, letting his fury guide his blade. After butchering all his opponents in the arena with ease, he escaped and rushed headlong into those who had enslaved him and murdered his loved ones. He brutally slew his former allies, but his revenge did not stop there. Before long, there was no one left alive in Khadira. Now greviously wounded, he fell to knees, his life's energy spent and gave his last breath.

Those that came after did not find his body. Some said that the Priests of War took it and buried him with full honours, fit for a great warrior. Others are convinced that his soul and body were taken by horrors lurking in dark places.

Whatever the truth, now he has returned to lead his terrible armies to new victories. What does he desire? What is his final goal? No one knows, but there is nothing left of the once noble general's self-control. In battle, only his fury matters…

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