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If your game is set in the reality of the old west town (of Tombstone, maybe?) - the Wild West Basing Kit is the set you are looking for... This kit contains over 20 resin elements (including some multipart models)! You can use them to decorate the miniature bases or as diorama elements. In this set you get: - piano - steel safe - 3x bag of money (one big, two small) - pile of gold bars - dynamite bundle + detonator - wooden round table - 3x wooden chair - bottle of whiskey - 3x glass - food (bowl of soup, cheese plate and bread plate) - buffalo skull (attached to the wooden board) - signboard (with wooden stand) - saloon door (two wings) Ideal for use with 28mm - 32mm scale models. Products from HQ Resin fit for most popular miniature games and are suitable for various fantasy, historical and modern games and dioramas. Elements supplied unpainted and may require assembly.

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