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Dragon's Lair - Diorama Resin Kit


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Empty halls of ancient Dwarven Kingdom are full of unspeakable treasures. Step into the dark and grab some of those for yourself, traveler. It seems safe- the Dragon is dead... or is it? - Is that a scenario you want to recreate? We got you covered with this Diorama Resin Kit.

In set, you will find great amount of elements with enormous Dragon Skull and Dwarven Staircase among them. There are piles of gold and piles of bones, finest weapons, chalices and tiaras. Open chests are dripping coins. Everything is surrounded by set of destroyed columns. And finally... beware of hidden Mimic!

Overall, the set contains over 40 resin elements.

All elements are ideal for use with 28mm-32mm scale models as basing kits or diorama elements. Suitable for various games in different Fantasy settings. Elements supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Games Workshop miniatures shown for scale purposes only, they are not part of the set.

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