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Spaceport Cantina


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Across the galaxy, watering holes like this one are considered a perfect place to find a partner for a shady job, important information about dealings of a local ganglord or a fast ship with no questions asked.

The kit contains four (4) modular building sections that can be put together to form a massive spaceport cantina with over 550x400mm footprint - or used separately at the table edges and corners as standalone buildings.


- interchangeable modular sections allow for several different setups and make the kit easier to store

- all the roofs can be removed to place miniatures inside

- four pairs of opening doors, three of which can be removed

- detailed modular bar doubling up as roof support

- over twenty (20) detailing pieces like vents and air filters included in the kit to allow for further customization

Models come unassembled and unpainted. Any miniatures shown for scale purposes only.


H: 70mm (not counting the domes) L: 555m W: 400mm

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